About me

I am currently studying towards my PhD in computer engineering, under the supervision of Prof. Idit Keidar.

I received my BSc in Electrical Engineering at the Technion in 2019 (Graduated Summa Cum Laude). Here is my CV.


D. Harris, A. Rinberg, O. Rottenstreich - Distributed Sketching with Traffic-Aware Summaries (IFIP Networkin'2021) [Presentation Coming Soon]

A. Rinberg, T. Solomon, G. Khazma, G. Lushi, R. Shlomo, P. Ta-Shma - Array CRDTs Using Delta Mutations (PaPoC'21) [Presentation]

A. Spiegelman, A. Rinberg, D. Malkhi - ACE: Abstract Consensus Encapsulation for Liveness Boosting of State Machine Replication (OPODIS'20) [Presentation Coming Soon]

A. Rinberg, I. Keidar - Intermediate Value Linearizability: A Quantitative Correctness Criterion (DISC'20) [Presentation]

A. Rinberg, A. Spiegelman, E. Bortnikov, E. Hillel, I. Keidar, L. Rhodes, H. Serviansky - Fast Concurrent Data Sketches (PPoPP'20) [Presentation]



Email: ArikRinberg@campus.technion.ac.il

Office: Meyer 1059